Monday, June 7, 2010

Aesthetix[DIY]: Vinyl Crafting

You know those old weird records you find at garage sales? Some might have familiar names....and you think to yourself... "Oh yea! I think I've heard of this band somewhere" (but in reality, no, you haven't really. It's actually something like 'Madison Park' when you were thinking it was the 'Madison Ave' album. oops! So, I thought to myself... what can I do with my abundance of strange albums? My roommate suggested I make a bowl out of my records. WHHHHAAAT?

I'm down! So I hit the internet (best resource in the world) and found what I needed. Here are my creation babies from two simple DIY projects.

Vinyl Bowl

1) Grab a vinyl record you don't particularly want-- I also suggest using old records that are worn down from scratching
2) Pre-heat your oven to 240 degrees F
3) Get a baking tray and a bowl that is either the size of a cereal bowl or a little bigger (I used a Pho bowl!!!)
*** Make sure your bowl is ceramic, glass, or bake-safe
4) Put the bowl UPSIDE DOWN on the baking tray and center the record on top of it
5) Put this whole thing into the oven, and watch it slump and melt for about 5 minutes
6) During this time, feel free to pinch and mold your record to exactly how you want it-- you can keep it in there for a few extra minutes if you want more slumping
7) Take it out and let cool for 13 minutes. Yes, 13 minutes. :D
8) After its donezo, you can cut out a cool picture or image (try scrapbooking paper) and paste it over the record label. I used a japanese postcard in this case.

Vinyl Clock

1) Procure a cheap clock. I used a 2 dollar clock from ikea. The cheaper-- the better!
2) Take the clock apart-- take the battery out first, then carefully remove all the hands by tugging gently... make note of what order the hands are in
3) Pry the clock box (clock box?? i don't know what its called) out of the clips that are probably holding it secure behind the clock.
4) Now, all you have to do is re-attach the clock to the record. Use a glue gun to glue the clock box to the back of your record, which should be centered
5) Reattach the hands carefully on the front side of the record-- put the hands back the right way!
5a) If your clock hands are black, you can always paint it a different color like I did. I used white acrylic paint to paint over my black clock hands
6) Use stickers, labels, and whatever else you want to mark the time! I chose to use my old school dymo labeler and wrote "transform, chirp, post, and cue" as my points. This is some DJ lingo... :)
7) Pop that battery back in, and you're in BUSINESS!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

[Aesthetix Inc.] DIY Iphone Covers

Here's a question: Why spend 30 dollars on an iphone cover when a cheap phone cover works almost just as well? I can definitely vouch for MY (impulsively) bought 30 cover that is made from hard rubber and "indestructible".... Yea, its a quality product. But, I can also say my 3 dollar silicone phone covers and my 1 dollar hard plastic phone covers also work exactly the same. I barely have any scratches on the thing-- and it definitely goes through some toil in my purses.

So after having this revelation, I went crazy and bought tons of cheap phone covers on ebay! You'd be amazed to find how many crazy ones are out there... Check out this chocolate bar one.

So these days, I've decided... I should live up to my name and make my own cases. I'm using hard plastic cases ordered from ebay. I got them for a dollar each, so keep lookin for the next few posts. This case was originally white, and I spray painted it black with a matte spraycan. Then, I used some amazing colored aquamarine acrylic paint and finished it off with a silver sharpie around the edges. I'm still in the process of figuring out the best finishing spray to use. Hey, for 1 dollar and some creative "me" time.... I'm beamin.

I know, I know. I can do better-- I was experimenting with mediums. Next ones going to be a step up! :)

Monday, April 26, 2010

[aesthetix]DIY Bamboo Vase Arrangements

Spruce up your surroundings with a fun DIY project. Try and use materials you have laying around, or hit the dollar store!

Rubber Band
Glass Rocks
Bamboo Stalks (fake)
Fake Flowers (orchids)

The final home for my vase was in my bathroom. I used a bamboo mat I got from Daiso (Japanese dollar store) for 1.50 as a backdrop. I like it because it really brings out all the colors and adds to the entire feel.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

[aesthetix]eats: Why Sushi? It can be a fantastic healthy food option

As you may or may not know, sushi is one of my life's zests. Ask me where to eat, and sushi is always at the top of my list! I wanted to share some facts with you about sushi and a few insights I have gained as an avid eater and as a sushi waitress. It might do you good to pick up those chopsticks and add a little more sushi lovin into your diet!

In this article, I am discussing nigiri, sashimi, and traditional maki rolls-- We can save our talk about sauced up house specialty rolls which are also yummy, but not quite as healthy.

First thing, lets lay down the facts [I compiled these from a variety of sites while doing a research project]

1) High protein, low in fat, and contains ESSENTIAL Omega-3 fatty acids -- this can only be attained through food or vitamin supplements

2) Omega-3 (which can be found in fish) plays a crucial role in brain function, normal growth, and development. The American Heart Association recommends eating fish at least TWICE a week.

3) Sushi rice is made with vinegar, which is great for arterial clogging. Try brown sushi rice to go even healthier-- and it's still high on the yum factor.

4) Sushi utilizes lots of fresh ingredients including veggies and fruits -- consider how much instant and unprocessed food you eat and your possible lack of fresh food

So why not sushi?

** What about mercury levels in the fish? Its definitely true some fish will contain high levels of mercury and other contaminants-- but the amount in them will not harm you if you do not eat excessively. Sushi once a week should be just fine.

** Sushi is too expensive! Yes, sushi can definitely be over-priced and over glorified and some spots, but there are also great places with great prices! Check out yelp and hunt for lunch specials. Most places offer a sushi lunch bento of some kind for 10 dollars or less.

** I'm apprehensive about eating "raw" fish. Taking that first bite of raw fish may change your life forever, once a sushi lover, always a sushi lover. Try eating a little inside of a roll with other ingredients that you like. You'll come to realize the fish isn't "fishy" (unless its not fresh!! yuck) and it has an appealing texture. I usually suggest most first timers to try cooked things such as unagi (eel) first, and then either try tuna or salmon. From there, you can move onto the other fish such as tai (red snapper), hamachi (yellowtail), hirame (halibut), ika (squid), tako (octopus), and so on.

Hai! Itadakimasu!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Smashbox Muse Masterpiece Collection Quick Review

One of my best finds at the Nordstrom Rack!!!

The Smashbox Muse Masterpiece collection includes:
Cream Eyeliner Pencil in Imperial
Cream Eyeliner Pencil in Antique Gold
Lip Paint in Luminary
Lip Paint in Artiste
Hybrid 2 in 1 Luminizing Primer in Bare Canvas
Blush Rush in Masterpiece

The price at the Nordstrom Rack is normally 39.97...right now it is 35% off!!! This means I paid only 26 dollars for it :) I love a good sale